About me

I am an assistant professor of Governance at Utrecht University. Intrigued by leaders and leadership processes from a young age, and driven by a desire to help organisations make a more positive impact on the everyday lives of their employees and society at large, I dedicate my research to understanding the role of leadership in fostering ethical and responsible behaviour of and within organisations.
At the Utrecht University School of Governance (USG), I also teach courses on public administration and organisation sciences, leadership, organisational behavior, methodology and academic writing and research skills. Through my teaching, I hope to sharpen the analytical skills of the professionals and leaders of the future and inspire them to be critical about their own role and responsibility in organisational processes.
For more information about my research and teaching, my professional background, or my publications please use the menu at the top of the page or contact me at l.heres@uu.nl. You can also follow me on Twitter.