A new academic home

As of March 1st of this year, I have a new academic home: the Utrecht School of Governance. After two great years at the Institute of Management Research of the Radboud University, I was offered a new position in Utrecht that I simply could not resist. My new role as assistant professor of Governance gives me the opportunity to teach and do research at the cross-section of public administration and organisation science. It is this cross-section of the two disciplines at which I feel most at home and that allows me get the best of both worlds.
I am excited to venture into new fields and collaborations with my colleagues in Utrecht, while continuing the various research projects with my colleagues in Amsterdam (VU Amsterdam) and Nijmegen (Radboud University). Because even though I may have changed universities, it doesn’t feel like I will ever really leave Nijmegen. Just like I never really left Amsterdam. Indeed, in academia you never really lose your colleagues when you leave -you merely gain new colleagues and with that inspiring, fresh perspectives.
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