New data on ethical leadership in the Dutch public sector

Ethical leadership is a key factor in safeguarding and fostering the integrity of organisations. According to a recent report on Integrity and Safety in the Dutch public sector there is still plenty of room for improvement in the ethical leadership department, though. A large survey study among public servants at federal, regional, and local level shows that around 70% of the employees believes their manager values honesty and integrity, is against the use of unethical practices to improve results, and holds employees accountable for their moral behaviour. However, only around 60% agrees that their manager acknowledges mistakes and shows personal accountability, while just over half of the respondents agrees that their manager sets a good moral example with his or her actions and decisions.
In light of these results, I was pleased to read that the Dutch Minister of Internal Affairs and Kingdom Relations, dr. Ronald Plasterk, took note of my research report Tonen van de Top (Tone at the Top) and explicitly underscored the importance of ethical leadership. In his reaction on the aforementioned report, he expressed that he will undertake action to see how ethical leadership within public sector  organisations can be further improved.
You can read the entire report Monitor Integriteit en Veiligheid 2016 and the reaction of the Minister of Internal Affairs and Kingdom Relations (both in Dutch) here.
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