New research report on ethical leadership among top administrators

Today the research report ‘Tonen van de Top‘ (Tone at the Top) that I wrote for the Dutch National Integrity Office (BIOS) was published. The report details the results of 20 interviews with top-level civil servants in the Netherlands on their role in fostering integrity in public organisations.
In the report, I explain that the main issue in the Dutch public sector does not seem to be a lack of integrity at the top. Rather, it’s that there is a discrepancy in civil servants and top administrators experience of ethical leadership in the organisation. The interviews suggest this discrepancy is likely the result of biased information about top administrators’ behaviour and decisions and too implicit ethical leadership by some top administrators. To   benefit from the many positive effects of ethical leadership, top administrators thus need to take a critical look at how visible and credible their ethical guidance truly is and take deliberate efforts to manage employees’ perceptions of their leadership.
Read more about the report in the interview I gave to the Dutch magazine ‘Binnenlands Bestuur’ and the press release from BIOS. For even more details and practical implications for management, read the full report (in Dutch) here.
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