Upcoming research, EGPA study group and a special issue Call for Papers

Upcoming research
After a few months of leave, I recently returned to office and now I’m finishing up on quite a few really great research projects I have going on covering a range of topics in the fields of ethics, leadership and HRM in the (semi)public sector. One of these projects is a collaboration with SHRM colleagues from the Radboud University Nijmegen and examines what bundles of HRM practices work best in the public sector. Is there such a thing as a ‘best practice’? Or should we instead look for optimal fit? In November 2017, we presented our first findings at the HRM Network conference and we are now preparing for submission.
In another project, me and my colleagues at the Utrecht University did an multidisciplinary case study on ethics in amateur and professional football in The Netherlands, where we focus especially on the role of formal and social media in shaping the course of integrity debates. The full research report will be published online in an easily accessible pdf format very shortly and of course I’ll be sure to post a link here when it’s up.
Special issue symposium for Public Integrity: Ethical Leadership and the Integrity of Public Institutions
Along with these and other ongoing research projects, I am also busy working on a special symposium issue for the journal Public Integrity. Together with Karin Lasthuizen (Victoria University of Wellington) and Werner Webb (South Africa University) I am guest editing this issue, aiming to gather insights on the role of ethical leadership is safeguarding the ethics and integrity of public institutions. Interested to know more? Check out the full call for papers on www.pupolnetwork.com. The deadline for manuscripts is 1 October 2018.
Co-chairing the EGPA permanent study group Quality and Integrity of Governance
But that’s not all. I am also one of the new co-chairs of the EGPA permanent study group Quality and Integrity of Governance. As part of this, we are organising a panel on the topic at the 2018 EGPA annual conference in Lausanne, Switzerland -and judging from the abstract submissions we’ve received it looks like it will be a great session once again.
Teaching developments: IT and vlogging
A final development worth sharing is that I am slowly but surely become more IT-savvy in my teaching. Not only that, but I am sharing my experiences using IT in teaching by means of a actual vlog! Although the vlog is in Dutch, we made sure to subtitle them in English for my non-Dutch colleagues as well. Check out some of my previous vlogs where I tell you all about how I’ve been experimenting with tools like Knowledge clips, Scalable Learning and Remindo on the UU Educate-IT website. Although I wasn’t able to vlog during my leave, I’m excited to post some new ones pretty soon to keep an eye out for them.
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PUPOL website launched

The Public and Political Leadership Network, of which I am one of the executive board members, has recently launched its new website: www.pupolnetwork.com. On this website, you can find all the latest on PUPOL activities, news about PUPOL members, interesting books, papers and conferences, and calls for papers relevant to scholars studying leadership in the public and political domain. Check it out for yourself here!
Have an interesting publication, workshop, or conference on leadership in the public or political domain that you would like to bring to the attention of the PUPOL network? Please contact the PUPOL executive board via info@pupolnetwork.com.
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New data on ethical leadership in the Dutch public sector

Ethical leadership is a key factor in safeguarding and fostering the integrity of organisations. According to a recent report on Integrity and Safety in the Dutch public sector there is still plenty of room for improvement in the ethical leadership department, though. A large survey study among public servants at federal, regional, and local level shows that around 70% of the employees believes their manager values honesty and integrity, is against the use of unethical practices to improve results, and holds employees accountable for their moral behaviour. However, only around 60% agrees that their manager acknowledges mistakes and shows personal accountability, while just over half of the respondents agrees that their manager sets a good moral example with his or her actions and decisions.
In light of these results, I was pleased to read that the Dutch Minister of Internal Affairs and Kingdom Relations, dr. Ronald Plasterk, took note of my research report Tonen van de Top (Tone at the Top) and explicitly underscored the importance of ethical leadership. In his reaction on the aforementioned report, he expressed that he will undertake action to see how ethical leadership within public sector  organisations can be further improved.
You can read the entire report Monitor Integriteit en Veiligheid 2016 and the reaction of the Minister of Internal Affairs and Kingdom Relations (both in Dutch) here.
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New research report on ethical leadership among top administrators

Today the research report ‘Tonen van de Top‘ (Tone at the Top) that I wrote for the Dutch National Integrity Office (BIOS) was published. The report details the results of 20 interviews with top-level civil servants in the Netherlands on their role in fostering integrity in public organisations.
In the report, I explain that the main issue in the Dutch public sector does not seem to be a lack of integrity at the top. Rather, it’s that there is a discrepancy in civil servants and top administrators experience of ethical leadership in the organisation. The interviews suggest this discrepancy is likely the result of biased information about top administrators’ behaviour and decisions and too implicit ethical leadership by some top administrators. To   benefit from the many positive effects of ethical leadership, top administrators thus need to take a critical look at how visible and credible their ethical guidance truly is and take deliberate efforts to manage employees’ perceptions of their leadership.
Read more about the report in the interview I gave to the Dutch magazine ‘Binnenlands Bestuur’ and the press release from BIOS. For even more details and practical implications for management, read the full report (in Dutch) here.
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PUPOL has gone international

With its 1st international conference on 7-8 April, the Public and Political Leadership Network (PUPOL) has officially gone international. And with great success! Membership is increasing and expanding across the globe, and the executive board is in the midst of many new and exciting activities:
  • The first quarterly PUPOL newsletter will soon be sent to all PUPOL members. Expect to read all the latest on member publications, funding opportunities, calls for papers and job vacancies -all related to public and political leadership research of course.
  • The PUPOL website is on its way –more updates on that soon.
  • We are in talks with a top tier journal for a special issue on ethical leadership in the public and political domain. The special issue will be edited by dr. Sandra Resodihardjo (Radboud University), prof. Montgomery Van Wart (California State University, SB) and myself.
  • Preparations for PUPOL’s second conference ‘Leadership for Public and Social Value’ are well underway. The conference is hosted by the Open University and will take place on 6-7 April 2017 in Milton Keynes (UK). A call for papers will soon be posted on the new PUPOL website.
Want to stay updated on the latest news, events, and PUPOL activities? Discuss issues, ask questions, post or keep track of job opportunities in academic research and teaching on leadership in the public and private domain? Subscribe to the PUPOL mailinglist at www.jiscmail.ac.uk/PUPOL.
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A new academic home

As of March 1st of this year, I have a new academic home: the Utrecht School of Governance. After two great years at the Institute of Management Research of the Radboud University, I was offered a new position in Utrecht that I simply could not resist. My new role as assistant professor of Governance gives me the opportunity to teach and do research at the cross-section of public administration and organisation science. It is this cross-section of the two disciplines at which I feel most at home and that allows me get the best of both worlds.
I am excited to venture into new fields and collaborations with my colleagues in Utrecht, while continuing the various research projects with my colleagues in Amsterdam (VU Amsterdam) and Nijmegen (Radboud University). Because even though I may have changed universities, it doesn’t feel like I will ever really leave Nijmegen. Just like I never really left Amsterdam. Indeed, in academia you never really lose your colleagues when you leave -you merely gain new colleagues and with that inspiring, fresh perspectives.
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I won the Van Poelje dissertation award!

I won the 2014 G.A. van Poelje award for the best Dutch-Flemish dissertation in Public Administration!
I am greatly honoured and humbled by this award from the Vereniging voor Bestuurskunde (Society for Public Administration), and the kind words that the jury had to say about my work. While recognising that it is not your typical PA-dissertation, the jury especially lauded its “rich content”, multidisciplinary and mixed-methods approach of the research, and academic craftsmanship. You can read the entire jury report (in Dutch) here.
Persbericht_MG_1351 2014
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PUPOL international conference: keynote speaker

The keynote speaker for the 1st international PUPOL conference on 7-8 April 2016 is known! Professor Ludger Helms, Chair of Comparative Politics at the University of Innsbruck will hold a keynote lecture titled ‘Leadership Challenges in a Post-Democratic Age’.
Prof. Helms studies political leadership with a special focus on the performance of individual actors in complex leadership environments. In many of his contributions to this field, he looks at the possibilities and limits of political leadership in liberal democracies from a comparative perspective.
Want to know more about the PUPOL conference? Visit the conference website and check out the call for papers!
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Call for papers: PUPOL international conference

The first PUPOL International Conference
Thursday 7 April – Friday 8 April 2016
Radboud University, Nijmegen, The Netherlands
Logo PUPOL - eng 
Submission deadline paper proposals: 1 December 2015
Conference website: www.ru.nl/imr/pupol/
PUPOL mailing list: www.jiscmail.ac.uk/PUPOL
Societies have always faced challenging problems such as safety, poverty, and health care. Currently though these issues are transcending national borders as the world becomes increasingly complex. Besides these traditional challenges to the core functions of the state, global problems are emerging – including climate change, terrorism, and migration – forcing states to work together. To address such wicked problems, citizens look at political and public leaders and urge for their leadership. The aim of the PUPOL (Public and Political Leadership) international academic network is to contribute to solutions and help societies and their leaders address such challenges through scholarship specifically focusing on the role of leaders and leadership in the public and political domain. One way to achieve this aim is through organizing international conferences – the first of which will be held on 7-8 April 2016 in the Netherlands.
Call for papers
Sessions are organized in which we offer participants the opportunity to discuss their research – be it at a fledgling stage, fully developed or anything in between. Paper proposals can be theoretically and/or empirically based, employ any of the existing methodologies (or introduce even new ones), as long as they highlight a specific (public or political) leadership topic linked to the conference theme. Paper proposals conveying research findings of interest to the real world are particularly encouraged.
The following topics are indicative of themes, though they do not constitute an exhaustive list:
  • The role of leadership in solving wicked problems, on a national or international level. Especially comparative studies are encouraged;
  • Processes and outcomes of leadership at societal, organizational, team and/or individual levels on key organizational outcomes such as public value(s) creation and public service delivery, creativity and innovation, PSM and/or public service ethos, ethical climate and organizational commitment etc.;
  • Studies using one or more established leadership approaches (e.g., servant leadership, transformational leadership, ethical leadership, LMX);
  • Development of public and/or political leadership measures;
  • Negative forms of leadership (destructive leadership, abusive supervision, toxic leadership);
  • Leadership and culture, especially intercultural comparison of leadership approaches and outcomes;
  • Original methodological perspectives or the comparison of different methodological perspectives to study leadership, such as studies of biographies of leaders, historical studies, observations, Q-studies etc.
Based on the full papers, the organizers will invite authors of six papers for a special issue on the conference theme Leadership Challenges in a Global World.
Submission Guidelines
Your paper proposal should include your contact details, title of the paper, keywords and theme to which the paper is linked (either one of the themes indicated above or a theme of your own choosing) and an abstract. The abstract itself (excluding references) should be max. 1 A4 to facilitate the selection process.
Paper proposals will be selected based on quality and matching with other papers to form coherent sessions for presenting papers and discussing research ideas.
Submission deadline paper proposals and abstracts: 1 December 2015
Submission deadline full papers and registration: 1 February 2015
Dr Leonie Heres – Assistant Professor at the Department of Business Administration, Radboud University (the Netherlands).
Dr Karin Lasthuizen – Associate Professor at the Department of Public Administration and Political Sciences, VU University Amsterdam (the Netherlands).
Dr Sandra Resodihardjo – Assistant Professor at the Department of Public Administration, Radboud University (the Netherlands).
Dr Sabina Stiller – Senior Lecturer at the Department of Business Administration, Radboud University (the Netherlands).
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Recent and upcoming activities

It’s been a while since I last updated this site with a post about all that I have been up to lately. But that doesn’t mean that I have been sitting still —au contraire. So here’s a quick selection of what’s been keeping me busy since last December and what you can expect from me in the next few months:
  • As of April, I have been working on a research project for the Dutch Bureau of Integrity for the Public Sector (BIOS) on ethical leadership among top-level administrators in Dutch municipalities, regional water authorities, provinces, and ministries. The research involves an up-to-date literature review on the effects of ethical leadership and in-depth interviews with 19 top-level administrators on the risks, complexities, and prerequisites of ethical leadership. The report is expected to be published in Fall/Winter 2015.
  • Meanwhile, the Public and Political Leadership network of which I am co-chair (with Sandra Resodihardjo, Karin Lasthuizen and Sabina Stiller) is going international! And to kick things off, we are in the midst of organising PUPOL’s first international conference. The conference is set to take place on 7-8 April in Nijmegen, the Netherlands. Want to know more? Check out the website: www.ru.nl/imr/pupol and call for papers.
  • To make sure the scientific knowledge on integrity and ethical leadership doesn’t stay hidden behind the walls of academia, I also frequently participate in activities aimed at making such knowledge accessible to professionals in the field. For instance, in October, I gave a 1-day workshop on integrity and ethical leadership to a group of directors in primary education. And on 24 November, I will be one of the speakers in a ‘talkshow’ at the Dag van de Integriteit, organised by BIOS. I have furthermore written a short piece for BIOS’ yearbook on integrity (to be published in November) on factors that hinder public managers in their ethical leadership and a summary of my dissertation research is set to be published in the journal of the Dutch Society for Psychologists, De Psycholoog.
  • Last but not least, I received a short-list nomination for the Dutch Association for Public Administration’s Van Poelje dissertation award!
In the upcoming months, I will of course continue to update the site with new info about these and other activities.
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