Current research interests and projects
My general research interests include leadership, organisational behavior, ethics and responsible behaviour, strategic HRM, and social science research methods -most notably quantitative research methods and Q-methodology.
Together with colleagues at the Utrecht University School of Governance and the Faculty of Humanities, I am currently studying the negotiation of integrity in sports and sports organisations in the Netherlands. Using qualitative interviews and media analyses, we hope to uncover the dynamics behind and follow-up of high-profile integrity violations in amateur and professional football. The kick-off of this project was in August 2016, when we organised a high-profile practioner’s panel on integrity in sports during the international EGPA conference.
I am furthermore writing a paper on ethical leadership among top level management in the public sector, based on a report I published earlier this year (in Dutch). I am also finishing up several papers based on the results of my PhD research. A book chapter summarizing the main results of my PhD was published in 2016 in the edited volume ‘Ethics in Public Policy & Management’ by prof. dr. Leo Huberts, dr. Zeger van der Wal, and prof. dr. Alan Lawton. For future research projects, I am exploring opportunities to study developments of ethical leadership over time, various forms of communication in ethical leadership, and the role of ethical leadership in the rehabilitation of employees and work groups after occurrences of unethical behavior.
PhD research
My PhD research focused on  follower expectations of ethical leadership, and their relation to the organisational context. Interested in the results? Check out the summary in English or in Dutch. The respective chapters of the thesis are available for download here. A full version can also be requested via e-mail (
Other academic activities
I am executive board member of the international Public and Political Leadership network (PUPOL). I have reviewed manuscripts for the Journal of Criminal Justice, Organization Management Journal, Organization Studies, European Management Journal, Journal of Change Management and the Academy of Management Meeting. Throughout my career, I have been an active member of numerous committees and boards (see my curriculum vitae for an overview).