Upcoming research, EGPA study group and a special issue Call for Papers

Upcoming research
After a few months of leave, I recently returned to office and now I’m finishing up on quite a few really great research projects I have going on covering a range of topics in the fields of ethics, leadership and HRM in the (semi)public sector. One of these projects is a collaboration with SHRM colleagues from the Radboud University Nijmegen and examines what bundles of HRM practices work best in the public sector. Is there such a thing as a ‘best practice’? Or should we instead look for optimal fit? In November 2017, we presented our first findings at the HRM Network conference and we are now preparing for submission.
In another project, me and my colleagues at the Utrecht University did an multidisciplinary case study on ethics in amateur and professional football in The Netherlands, where we focus especially on the role of formal and social media in shaping the course of integrity debates. The full research report will be published online in an easily accessible pdf format very shortly and of course I’ll be sure to post a link here when it’s up.
Special issue symposium for Public Integrity: Ethical Leadership and the Integrity of Public Institutions
Along with these and other ongoing research projects, I am also busy working on a special symposium issue for the journal Public Integrity. Together with Karin Lasthuizen (Victoria University of Wellington) and Werner Webb (South Africa University) I am guest editing this issue, aiming to gather insights on the role of ethical leadership is safeguarding the ethics and integrity of public institutions. Interested to know more? Check out the full call for papers on www.pupolnetwork.com. The deadline for manuscripts is 1 October 2018.
Co-chairing the EGPA permanent study group Quality and Integrity of Governance
But that’s not all. I am also one of the new co-chairs of the EGPA permanent study group Quality and Integrity of Governance. As part of this, we are organising a panel on the topic at the 2018 EGPA annual conference in Lausanne, Switzerland -and judging from the abstract submissions we’ve received it looks like it will be a great session once again.
Teaching developments: IT and vlogging
A final development worth sharing is that I am slowly but surely become more IT-savvy in my teaching. Not only that, but I am sharing my experiences using IT in teaching by means of a actual vlog! Although the vlog is in Dutch, we made sure to subtitle them in English for my non-Dutch colleagues as well. Check out some of my previous vlogs where I tell you all about how I’ve been experimenting with tools like Knowledge clips, Scalable Learning and Remindo on the UU Educate-IT website. Although I wasn’t able to vlog during my leave, I’m excited to post some new ones pretty soon to keep an eye out for them.
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